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Latest ABC And JNRS Figures Released

Tuesday, September 9, 2014 10:55

A number of weeks ago the ABC circulation results along with the JNRS figures were released. Predictably we still saw a decline in Press circulation as people continue to migrate online for news.

The average decline across daily titles for Jan – Jun 14 versus Jan- Jun 13 is 7%. Of the daily titles, the Irish Daily Mail saw the lowest level of decline reporting only a -3.30% decline period on period. The biggest percentage drop 2014 v 2013 is in relation to the Evening Herald and it appears their foray into the national market has not halted their circulation declines as they have seen a drop of 11.86% period on period. If we look at the individual titles, we can see what titles are contributing most to the change in the daily market since the Jan – Jun 2013 results. The traditional “broadsheets” of The Irish Examiner, The Irish Times and The Irish Independent account for 41% of the overall decline in the market, while the tabloid market accounts for 59%. 18% of the tabloid drop is due to the Evening Herald’s circulation.

Interestingly the JNRS figures reveal that two million people read a printed newspaper yesterday whilst online readership of newspapers have increased by 26% year on year.  If you exclude Sunday titles this figure increases to 32% YoY. So newspapers continue to play an important role in people lives but they are being accessed in far different ways than ever before. The recent survey changes in the JNRS attempts to capture these changes and it certainly is beginning to reflect how newspapers are consumed currently in Ireland.

In relation to the Sunday market we can see the average decline for Jan – Jun 14 versus Jan – Jun 13 is 6%. The Sun on Sunday (-3.82%) and Irish Mail on Sunday (-5.31%) along with the Sunday Independent   (-5.13%) are the titles which buck this trend. Interestingly the readership figures within the Sunday market shows a decrease in paper only readers of 21,000 between 2013 and 2014 whilst the online market has grown by 30,000. Therefore there has been a total increase in readers of 9,000 YoY, which has been driven by the online elements of newspapers.

It is the Sunday titles which have remained steady in terms of Nielsen reported revenue versus circulation in the last number of years, as the below chart will illustrate. This could be due to the fact that people may be moving online for their daily news consumption but Sunday newspapers still prove popular.

Please note the table below illustrates, Nielsen spend versus  ABC circulation up until 2013. Please note we cannot include 2013 V 2014 as full year 2014 Nielsen spend is not available.

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