Monthly Archives: January, 2011

More News From Sky

Living TV rebrands to Sky Living Another new development on Feb 1st is the rebranding of Living to Sky Living. […]

The Mobile: Phone, Wallet, Radio station?

Image courtesy of Every year since mobile penetration exploded in Ireland, marketers and advertiser were calling each year “The […]

Changes to Sky EPG (Electronic Programme Guide)

Some major changes are coming to the EPG (Electronic Programme Guide) on Sky which will involve an update to the […]

Not All Clouds Have A Sliver Lining

Last week Rachel wrote an excellent post about what the advent of cloud computing might mean for advertisers. Essentially it […]

Baby Steps In Media

Four months into my media career, what do I think about the whole fast paced media world? Firstly, let me […]

Nerds: Bigger Than Hollywood

Lets start with a question: What produced the best opening weekend in 2010?Twilight? Harry Potter? Inception? Nope, it was Call […]

What Will The Cloud Do For Advertising?

Cloud Computing – it’s a buzz phrase that’s been gaining ground in the IT world for most of the past […]

$13m for Sex

That’s how much, according to ‘The Economist’, was paid for the domain name towards the end of 2010. A […]

Eircom & Sleeveface: Imitation Or Inspiration?

Visiting YouTube today I was confronted with the creative for eircom’s new MusicHub offering. I won’t go into the likely […]

Mindshare 10 x 10 Report; What To Expect From 2011

100 Points You Need To Know About Consumers, Media, and Digital, in 2011 Mindshare 10 x10 trends for 2010 and […]

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