Monthly Archives: October, 2011

XFactor 2011 Viewing Performance

Much has been speculated in the press, particularly in the UK, about the state of TV behemoth ‘The XFactor’. Now […]

Cinema: 3D Figures Plunge Worldwide

My very first blog post for Mindshare was  ’Will 3D ‘save’ cinema?‘. I vaguely remember an early fad for the […]

Competition Authority: RTE To Change TV Ad Trading

Yesterday the Competition Authority gave their ruling on a complaint TV3 made against RTE’s share dealing policy for TV advertising. […]

RWC Ireland Matches – Male and Female Viewing Trends

The Quarter-Finals of this years Rugby World Cup kick-off this year with Ireland taking on Wales, in a match that […]

Steve Jobs: The Master Of Media

By now, you can’t help but have heard that Steve Jobs, the creator of Apple, and therefore the Mac, iPod, […]

TV3 Launch Their New 3Player

TV3 Launched their new 3Player this morning to the industry. It is now live here, if you want to take […]

What Advertisers Need To Know About Q4 At The Movies

Whatever about the weather, winter is coming. Snow or no snow this year, cinema listings this final quarter are set […]

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