TV3 Launch Their New 3Player

TV3 Launched their new 3Player this morning to the industry. It is now live here, if you want to take a look.

As you can see the homepage now shows all the programming available on the 3 player. This page does not support any advertising on this part of the site. At this stage the aim is to entice the viewer with the experience of VOD and the range of catch up programming available.

After the viewer clicks on their programme of choice,they are brought to a page where the video format is now much larger than that being used on the RTE player or the previous TV3 player. This is an interesting decision as it reduces the chance that the viewer will click on the option to make the video full screen and thus they will be continually exposed to the companion add, which sits to the right of the video.

The site operates a search engine, from which you can search by programme title. The search bar is predictive so you need only type the first few letters of the programme you wish to watch. You can also search by using a key word – for example if you search for Gary Barlow, it will instantly provide you with options to watch the X Factor as the site recognises this association.
The player is fully interactive with options made available under the video to make a tweet about the programme, see other tweets, click through to Google+ or Facebook. You can also easily “like” the video you are watching which will show up on your Facebook. You can also watch TV3 live from the site.

The 3player also operates a countdown feature after the programme you have watched has ended. This will automatically bring you into a programme of similar interest or the next episode of the programming you are watching with the aim being to keep people on the site, viewing content and, of course, advertising.
TV3 will keep their site but it is likely that they will phase this out in the future and remain with the 3player as their main site for TV catch up and advertising. will provide a very prominent link to the 3Player so there will be full interaction between the 2 sites for the moment.

The 3Player will be launching to the public this weekend with stings in the XFactor US, XFactor and the Apprentice on Monday. It’s an obvious time for the station to launch their player considering the high viewing figures the station has at the moment, due to their two big shows the Xfactor and The Apprentice.

Although the site is user friendly and easily navigable, it will be interesting to see if TV3 achieve the increase in traffic to the site they are predicting. The question remains are the programmes being offered by the site ones which people will want to view as their catch up TV?


Image by Striatic on FlickR creative commons.

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