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‘Broadcast Licence’ Fee On The Cards For Ireland?

“Sitting in front of the TV, (smart) phone in hand, ‘liking’ the person who – in your not so humble […]

Getting The Most From Twitter For Your Business – It’s All About Networking

Most of us have experienced the awkward feeling. You’re attending a business or social event when the person you’ve just […]

Will Folio Benefit From The Kindle Effect?

Despite the fact that my job involves me evangelising digital media in all of its forms, I’m a bit of […]

How Can Brands Help With New Year Resolutions

How are the New Year resolutions going? Congratulations if you are still hitting the gym every Monday and don’t feel […]

Pricing Strategy vs. Brand Strategy

As we make our way through these recessionary times, an obvious marketing approach for most brands is to clearly communicate […]

Reality Bites – Does Reality TV Spell the End for the Traditional Soap?

With an average audience of 1.4 million, a devoted online following and a Bafta audience award; the cult series The […]

Breaking The Habit

In keeping with the current trend of seeking new ways to cut costs, The Financial Times has reported that Lloyds […]

Mindshare’s Mbassador Network

Hi, My name is Eimear, and I’m an Mbassador.  I am one of 84 Mbassadors, and one of 6,000 Mindshare […]

Some Hiccups Aside, RadioGAUGE Launches In The Irish Marketplace

Tuesday 17th saw The Independent Broadcasters of Ireland (IBI) and RTÉ Radio jointly launch RadioGAUGE to the Irish advertising community. […]

Siri, A Competitor For Google?

If you haven’t tried Apple’s Siri yet you’ve probably seen the ads on TV or heard about it through a […]

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