The Zero Moment Of Truth. Is Your Business Ready?

The continued rise in internet use has begged the question for many brands, how do we utilise the increase in adoption to interact with consumers and to build new relationships? Just having a website is not enough, it is imperative that a consumer can interact with your brand, see your product and understand what the unique selling point you are offering them is.

Google’s Jim Lecinski is the man responsible for the new buzz term in B2B and customer marketing – The Zero Moment of Truth. This term represents an upgrade of the traditional model of marketing, The First Moment Of Truth coined back in 2005 by Procter & Gamble. No longer are the majority of consumers experiencing a product for the first time on the shop floor.¬†They now search for products and services online; checking brands websites, reading product reviews and sounding out friends on social media sites for pre purchase advice. Some traditional brick and mortar stores may flinch at this development, but the shift in the buyers purchase process represents an excellent opportunity to engage with consumers in a variety of ways and in a cost effective manner.

The shift to online marketing strategies is not a chess game confined to entrepreneurial whiz kids, it is a market open to all businesses with a desire to maintain relevancy with their current customers and open up relationships with new customers.

The core principles remain the same. Aligning a comprehensive digital marketing plan along with good value and a high level of customer service will see your business progress in the digital sphere. Your potential customers are out there looking for you, just make sure that you can be found.


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