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TV3 announced a few months ago that they would be launching a viewing companion app called ShowPal and now the launch is nearly upon us as it will be available in the App store from October 17th. The aim of Showpal is to revolutionise the way we view TV Р although only available on TV3 at the moment Showpal will offer the viewer a world of new interactive features, truly bringing dual screening to life. But how does it work?


ShowPal will work much like Blippar does with images however the tags will not be visual but audio tags. These will be inserted into prime time airtime on TV3 and once the app picks up the tag, pieces of information will start to stream through your iPad or iPhone screen. Sound tags can be included on both programming and advertising. Information on the screen of the app can be related to the programming or can trigger off advertising that relates to a segment in the show. For example, if Xpose were to run a fashion feature for a particular retailer, the information that comes up on the ShowPal screen can be advertising for that particular retailer, even with the option to buy the product should there be an e-commerce facility available through the retailer.

When looking at ads that can be tagged, an additional message can appear on the screen to give more detail on the product being advertised or even encourage a sale through the advertisers website.

For the consumer, this allows them a more comprehensive viewing experience, with details on elements of shows, celebrities on shows and even Wikipedia feeds coming through on documentaries. It allows them to access additional information on topics without having to search the web. There is even a twitter feed on the left hand side of the app for viewers to follow the #tag conversation about the show without having to open their Twitter app.

For advertisers, it allows them to deliver more information into the consumers hands, be more interactive with consumers by talking to them directly on their app at the same time their ad is playing on TV. It also allows advertisers to drive sales through direct links to sale or enquiry straight into the consumers hand, without waiting for them to take action on what they have seen on screen.

Dual screening is becoming more and more prominent in the household – consumers browse various sites looking for information while watching TV, while advertisers are looking for better ways to engage consumers, this new app is a win win for both sides.


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